Dear Loving Parent,

I'm a mom and just like you there is nothing more important to me than the well-being of my kids. Nothing.

babyWhen my daughter was a baby, I had overlooked important steps necessary to make sure she would always be taken care of by people I know love and trust … and I'm a lawyer. If I did, I bet you have too. (I had a Will and THOUGHT I had done everything I needed to, but you'll be surprised at what I had overlooked. I was!)

Why had I overlooked these things?

Because like y ou, I was so caught up in the day to day of just getting by that I didn't stop to consider what would really happen if something happened to me. And, I was so busy!

Then, I went out on a date with my husband for the first time after our baby girl was born (she was already 2!) and had the worst night of my life because I realized that even though I had named legal guardians for her in my Will, everyone I named lived on the East Coast and I lived on the West Coast!

It hit me like a ton of bricks that if we were in an accident that night, our baby was home with a teenage babysitter (who came highly recommended by no less than three friends) and she would have no idea what to do if the police came knocking at our door.

PoliceEven more shocking was the realization that the police would have no idea what to do either. They'd likely have no choice but to call in Child Protective Services who would have to take my kids into protective custody until they could figure out what to do!

As a mom, that was not an acceptable possibility. As a lawyer, I was determined to figure out a solution.

Thankfully for me and for you (and our kids!), I did.

Lest You Think This Could Never Happen to Your Family, Here's a True Story

Melanie and Casey Barber were the All-American parents of three little boys. On July 31, 2006, the Barber family was in a tragic car accident. The boys survived, their parents didn't. But, that was just the beginning of their nightmare.

From the thousands of pages of court records filed in the guardianship case of the Barber boys, it appears that Mel and Casey had talked about naming guardians to provide for the care of their sons, they just never got around to documenting what they wanted. They probably thought their family would be able to easily work out who would take care of the boys, if anything happened.

That's not what happened. After the accident, the boys were in the foster care system for a short time while the police located family members. They then went to live with one of their aunts (who allegedly kept them from seeing the rest of the family) while the family went to Court to fight over who would raise the boys. Since then, over 1,000 pages of court documents have been filed, 9 lawyers have been involved, and tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars have been spent.

When all is said and done, a Court will appoint their legal guardian who may or may not have been who Mel and Casey would have chosen. We'll never know if the Judge made the right choice because Mel and Casey's wishes will never be known.

If they had known what would happen, Mel and Casey would have taken the simple steps necessary to ensure their boys were raised the way they want by the people they want. Now you can learn from their experience and not leave the well-being of your children to chance for another day.

Your Peace

I created a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan® that would ensure my babysitter, the police and everyone would know just what to do if anything happened to me. My plan…

  • Names local friends as temporary, legal guardians for my kids and the friends I've named know just what to do if they were called upon because they've got written instructions from me with ID Cardsguidance;
  • It includes instructions to my babysitters as to who they should call if I'm in an accident;
  • And, now I even carry an ID card in my wallet so there is never a risk of my kids being taken into the arms of strangers.
  • When I started talking to clients about how a Will provides a false sense of security and what could happen to their kids if all they had was a Will (or nothing at all) in place, they all wanted their own Kids Protection Plan.

    As the word got out, families around the country were coming to me for their own Legal Plans. While I'd love to work with you personally, I can't have a personal relationship with an unlimited number of clients, so I trained other lawyers to meet the unique planning needs of parents. I designated the lawyers who really got it as Personal Family Lawyers®.

    To empower as many parents as possible to do the right thing for their kids, I wrote a best selling book on legal planning for parents titled ”Wear Clean Underwear! A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents.” Perhaps you even read it and that's why you're here now. Or maybe you saw me on the Today Show talking to Ann Curry about this vitally important subject or on ABC's View From the Bay or maybe you heard about me from Jean Chatzky on Oprah & Friends

    In the book, I give all parents the straight scoop (in an easy and fun way) on what they need to do to make sure their kids and money are properly protected. I also created a website where parents can name legal guardians for their kids for the long term, absolutely free. (You absolutely must name guardians for your kids for the long term, so please make sure you do that at no matter what. It's easy and it's free)

    Frankly, I wasn't planning on releasing the complete Kids Protection Plan as a do-it-yourself Kit. In fact, there's going to be a lot of lawyers out there who aren't happy with me for doing it. But, it's my mission to make sure that every parent in America has the necessary legal planning in place to protect their children and I'm willing to make some lawyer's angry to fulfill that.

Dirty Title

Lawyers don't spend time teaching people how to prepare their own documents, because lawyers make good money preparing documents for those who can afford it. And, because many lawyers make their living preparing form documents, they are afraid they'll be out of work if they teach you to prepare your own or give you an easy way to do it.

You can forget about checking the bookstore, the library or anywhere else for this information because...

  • While there is plenty of software on the internet and books in the bookstore you can buy, none of them are written by lawyers who are also moms and actually offer the very same forms they use in their own law practice for their own clients.
  • None of them take you step-by-step through the process of protecting your children, leading you each step of the way as if you had your own personal lawyer right there with you.
  • And none of them give you the total assurance and comfort of knowing that you've really taken care of your family. But now that's changed.

"My opinion:  Fantastic! As a single mother, I am concerned about the future and safety of my children and take extra care to make sure I have all the bases covered in terms of legal stuff…even though I do have a will and a living will ready to go, I think it's important to have this additional paperwork ready to go. I have friends who have no clue how important this stuff is, and have forwarded your website on to them as well. Thanks for making this resource available and very user-friendly. Kudos!"

 -Tamara P., Mother of two children, Mount Vernon, OH


Now you have access to the same proven strategies my Personal Family Lawyers use to protect the families their firms take care of. These families pay thousands of dollars for this kind of guidance….and it worth every penny.

Now you can protect your children, for a fraction of the cost, in my easy to use do-it-yourself Kids Protection Planning Kit.

The best part is that the Kit also shows you how to get a lawyer to spend time with you for free to confirm you've done everything just right. You'll get personalized advice and guidance from a uniquely trained Personal Family Lawyer right in your own town to make sure you've done everything you can…For FREE! You'll have a whole new view of lawyers after meeting with your town Personal Family Lawyer.

Just imagine the peace of mind you'll feel knowing that you've done everything you can to guarantee your children would:

Ensure 1

Ensure 2

Ensure 3

Ensure 4

Well, you can take care of this one thing that you've been procrastinating for far too long right away by investing in my Kids Protection Planning Kit today and within two weeks have the peace of mind of knowing you have fulfilled your responsibility to your kids and your loved ones in case you are involved in an accident.

Green Box Title
  • Legal Documents to Name Short Term Guardians Who Can Be There Immediately For Your Children So They'll Never Be Taken Into the Arms of Strangers.
  • Letters to Your Short Term Guardians So the People You've Named Will Know Just What to Do If Called Upon.
  • Instructions to Everyone Who Takes Care of Your Kids As to Exactly What To Do If You Are In An Accident … So There's Never Any Question About Who to Call.
  • Legal Documents to Name Long Term Guardians Who Will Raise Your Children Just As You Would So There is No Family Feuding Over Your Children.
  • Letters to Your Long-Term Guardians Letting Them Know What to Do If Called Upon.
  • Instructions and Guidelines for Your Long-Term Guardians On How You Want Your Kids to Be Raised...Make Sure Your Kids Are Raised With Your Values, Insights, Stories and Experience.
  • Medical Powers of Attorney for Your Minor Children So The Next Time They Travel Without You or You Travel Without Them, You Know They'll Get the Medical Care They Need.
  • A Custom, Personalized I.D. Card For Your Wallet Stating That You Have Minor Children At Home and Who Should Be Contacted If You Are In An Accident … This Card Alone is Worth Your Whole Investment!

plusAudio CDs with me Personally Guiding You on How to Choose the Right Guardians, How to Complete Your Forms, How to Address Questions Your Family and Friends May Have, & Other Considerations You Haven't Even Thought Of Yet About Naming Legal Guardians For Your Kids.


But Wait
  • A Certificate for a Review Of Your Legal Forms and Letters by a Family Wealth Planning Institute trained Personal Family Lawyer
  • A Certificate for a Counseling Session With a Family Wealth Planning Institute Counselor to Help You Choose the Right Guardians In Case You Just Can't Decide Who to Name - an Objective, Trained Counselor Can Really Help!
  • A Complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session With a Personal Family Lawyer to Ensure the Money You Are Leaving Behind Will Be Protected Too!

The best part of all this? The Kit is super easy to use. You do not have to know anything about the law to use it. I walk you through everything step by step. No worries, no hassles, no problems.

"I was very excited when my mother-in-law heard about the site. I think that it is great. We were talking about naming guardians in light of recent extended family fighting. We are on a tight budget right now but we knew that this was really important too. So this site was perfect, it was easy to navigate and it didn't take me long at all to draw up the papers. Excellent site!!"                                                                

-Amanda M., Mother of 3 children, Solsberry, IN

Right about now you must be wondering what your investment is for the comprehensive Kids Protection Planning Kit. Well, this is where I tell ya.

You're probably thinking it's got to be a lot of money since it's exactly the same service that I provide to the client's who I work with in my office and it comes over $2,100 of bonuses!

That makes this package worth on a straight cost basis a minimum of $4,100 because I don't work with anyone for less than $2,000.

But, of course I'm not going to charge close to $4,000 for this Kit because I really do want to make it affordable for everyone who needs it and will take the action steps to actually using it.

So, I'm making the Kids Protection Planning Kit worth more than $4,000 in terms of straight cost, but priceless in terms of peace of mind, available for everyone at only $497.

But wait, it gets even better than that because it's so important to me that every parent in America have the peace of mind of knowing their kids are taken care of the right way that I'm going to let you break your investment up into two payments of $187 each spread out thirty days apart! It just doesn't get more affordable than that.

I'm so positive that you are going to absolutely love this Kit that I'm backing it with my 100% no questions asked money back guarantee! So not only have I made it totally affordable for you, but you've got absolutely no risk because if you don't love the Kit and get the peace of mind from it I've promised, all you have to do is send it back and we'll refund all your money, pronto!

SatisfactionThis Kids Protection Planning Kit make it so easy to understand how to make sure your children are absolutely protected if something happens to you that I make this IRON CLAD 365 Day "No-Nonsense, 100% Money Back Guarantee: I guarantee that you will be able to provide yourself with the peace of mind of knowing your children will always be taken care of in the way you want by who you want and will never be at risk of being raised by someone you wouldn't want by following my guidance – period! OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Two Easy Ways

Think about how great you’ll feel knowing that your kids are completely protected if something should happen to you. Your peace of mind and children’s safety is worth the small investment, isn’t it?

Why not ORDER NOW, while this is still fresh on your mind.

Alexis Martin Neely

plusRemember that you are getting the same proven strategies my Personal Family Lawyers use to protect the families their firms take care of. These families pay thousands of dollars for this kind of guidance…you can get it now for a fraction of the price. Order now.

plus When you order now, you also get 2100

  • A Certificate for a Review Of Your Legal Forms and Letters by a Family Wealth Planning Institute trained Personal Family Lawyer
  • A Certificate for a Counseling Session With a Family Wealth Planning Institute Counselor to Help You Choose the Right Guardians In Case You Just Can't Decide Who to Name - an Objective, Trained Counselor Can Really Help!
  • A Complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session With a Personal Family Lawyer to Ensure the Money You Are Leaving Behind Will Be Protected Too!

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5% of all sales of the Kids Protection Planning Kit go to the Gal to Gal Foundation, supporting women with Stage IV Breast Cancer and their families.